Additional Participants

The project also involves the following partners:

Birgit KleistBIRGIT KLEIST PEDERSEN (b. 1956)
MA, Assistant Professor since October 1999, Associate Professor at the Department of Greenlandic Language & Literature since 2003. Vice-principal at Ilisimatusarfik/ University of Greenland (2005-07). Co-author of Grønlænder og Global – grønlandsk sprog, litteratur og medier i 25-året for Hjemmestyrets indførelse (2004).

Birgit Kleist Pedersen contributes with knowledge about visual anthropology, studies in Greenlandic youth culture and symbolic ethnicity.


elisabeth oxELISABETH OXFELDT (b. 1966)
PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, USA (2002), Professor of Scandinavian Literatur, Universitety of Oslo, Norway. Author of: Nordic Orientalism. Paris and the Cosmopolitan Imagination 1800-1900 (2005), H.C. Andersens eventyr på film (2009), Journeys from Scandinavia. Travelogues of Africa, Asia, and South America, 1840-2000 (2010), Romanen, nasjonen og verden. Nordisk litteratur i et postnasjonalt perspektiv (2012).

Elisabeth Oxfeldt contributes with knowledge about Nordic orientalism, Norwegian history and West Nordic literary connections.


Dr.Phil. Aarhus University (2000) and Lic.Phil. Odense University (1986). Professor and Dean at Fróðskaparsetur Føroya, the University of the Faroe Islands. Fulbright Scholar University of Washington, Seattle 2006. Co-author of Føroysk bókmentasøga 1. Faroese Literary History. Nám (2011).

Malan Marnersdóttir contributes with knowledge about translation studies and Faroese-Danish relations and literature.


GudmundurHalfdanarGUÐMUNDUR HÁLFDANARSON (b. 1956)
PhD from Cornell University (1991) and cand. mag. in history, University of Iceland (1982). Jón Sigurðsson professor in history at the University of Iceland. Co-coordinator of the research network of excellence CLIOHRES, funded by the FP6 programme (2005–10). Author and editor of Discrimination and Tolerance in Historical Perspective (2008). Editor-in-chief of Scandinavian Journal of History (since 2010).

Guðmundur Hálfdanarson contributes with extensive knowledge about nationalism, environmental politics and changing views on Icelandic landscape in the light of nationalism.


sumarl_sSUMARLIÐI ÍSLEIFSSON (b. 1955)
PhD in History from the Unirvesity of Iceland. BA in history, University of Iceland 1984. MA in history, University of Iceland 1986.
Project coordinator of INOR, Iceland and Images of the North. Co-author and editor of Iceland and Images of the North (2011).

Sumarliði R. Ísleifsson contributes with knowledge about internal and external images of Greenland and Iceland from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.


Olafur-RastrickÓLAFUR RASTRICK (b. 1969)
PhD (history) from the University of Iceland (2012) and MA (anthropology) form Monash University, Australia (1998). Currently assistant professor in ethnology/folklore at the University of Iceland.
A book based on his doctoral dissertation is being published in 2013 by the University of Iceland Press, entitled Háborgin: Menning, fagurfræði og pólitík í upphafi tuttugustu aldar. [The Citadel: Culture, aesthetics and politics in early twentieth century Iceland]. His current research is on corporeal practices and discourses on the human body in interwar Iceland.

Ólafur Rastrick contributes with knowledge on Icelandic cultural and intellectual history, cultural heritage, and bodily practices, attitudes and strategies.


Andreas_OtteANDREAS OTTE (b. 1983)
MA (Musicology), University of Copenhagen (2010). From 2011 PhD student at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen. PhD project “The music within Greenland and Greenland within the music”, financed by The Commission for Scientific Research in Greenland (KVUG), a project where connections between popular music and place are researched, primarily in an up-and-coming national perspective. How does popular music participate in the nation-building project, and can the nation as a project in fact work as catalyst for creativity among musicians.



MA (Cultural Studies & Media) from Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland (Feb, 2014). Since June 2014 affiliated the Department of Greenlandic Language, Literature & Media as an assistant professor, including a PhD project: Cultural and National Symbols in modern Greenland. The project will focus on the connections between national and cultural symbols in modern Greenland primarily in the period between the establishment of the Home-Rule (1979) and the Self-Government (2009). How are the cultural and national symbols represented in design as part of nation building in Greenland?


The project furthermore has an advisory board consisting of Professor Uffe Østergård, Copenhagen Business School, Professor Minik Rosing, Natural History Museum of Denmark and Professor Sverker Sörlin, The Division of History of Science and Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm