Kirsten Thisted

kirsten thisted


Associate professor at the department of Cross-Cultural and regional Studies. University of Copenhagen. Ph.D. 1994 Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen. Master of Arts (1985 Mag. Art.) in Nordic Literature; Subsidiary subject in Eskimology (1990).

(Co)Author/Editor of:

  • From Oral Tradition to Rap: Literatures of the Polar North (2011);
  • The Urban Arctic. Living Communities: New Perspectives On Inuit Urban Life (2009);
  • Et postkolonialt Danmark. (2009);
  • Grønlandsforskning. Historie og perspektiver (2005);
  • Postkolonialisme (2004); Grønlandske fortællere. Nulevende fortællekunst i Grønland (2002);
  • “Således skriver jeg, Aron”. Samlede fortællinger og illustrationer af Aron fra Kangeq (1999);
  • Jens Kreutzmann. Fortællinger og Akvareller (1997).

In this project Thisted examines how Greenlandic domestic and foreign policy is in transition from a language of resistance to a language of governance. The project involves a large historical material to illustrate the relationships between Greenlanders and Danes in colonial Greenland. The historical material provides a basis for understanding why the Greenlandic branding appears as mental decolonization and nation-building, and why narratives of equality and freedom seem to structure the debate about the use of natural resources in Greenland.